Differentiate with Real Film

The movie industry is changing, release windows are getting shorter and home theatres are offering a more accessible viewing alternative. Film enables a unique form of programming that can't be replicated in the home theatre. Our Reel Film platform connects your venue with patrons looking to experience the art form of the moving image.


The Real Film Difference

Digital projection is common place, found everywhere from the conference room to the classroom. You are not conducting a meeting, you're bringing your audience on an artistic cinematic journey. For over 100 Years film has been that vehicle, it's unique aesthetic qualities have made it a popular choice by the world's top film makers.

Video Credit: Jacob Burns Film Center

Attract Patrons

The screening of a film print has been described by many in the artistic community as a special event. Whether it's an early exclusive release on film or screening of a cinema classic, Real Film can make the event even more special.

Video Credit: The Weinstein Company


Bigger Picture

Even to this day, film projection can be shown at the highest resolution on the planet with the best image. With Real Film you can project the bigger picture.

Video Credit: IMAX Corporation

Analog Renaissance

From Capture to Exhibition, Kodak is committed to the revitalization of Motion Picture Film. We are not alone, small independent theatres, national theatre chains, museums, archives and universities are participating in this analog renaissance by helping us preserve and promote Real Films.

Join the Movement

Have Film Projection Capability? Be part of the analog renaissance by registering your theatre, museum, school or other venue as a Real Film Theatre.