KODAK Reel Film

Dear Theatre-owners,

Thank you for partnering with the KODAK Reel Film App for more than 4 years. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to inform the cinephile community about where to find film projection screenings. In light of the pandemic, and in order to most effectively utilize our resources to support the analog film medium, Kodak is pushing pause on the Reel Film App. Instead, we’ll be focusing on building a comprehensive online community to provide artists, exhibitors and their audiences a centralized resource for film.

In the meantime, we invite you to follow us and subscribe to our Reel Film newsletter in order to stay informed about shot-on-film content and other Kodak news.

Nothing compares to the visceral experience of an analog film screening. Kodak truly appreciates the theatres who work tirelessly to offer this irreplaceable cinematic experience. And we will continue to support you, hopefully in new and enhanced ways soon.


The Kodak Motion Picture and Entertainment Team